Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to the Blogging

So I owe some overdue apologies to what my brother refers to as "my fans." Please accept the following apology:

I am extremely sorry for not blogging like a true blogger. I am not worthy of the title blogger, bloggist, bloggard, blog-smith, or one-who-uses-a-computer-and-an-internet-connection-to-rant-n-rave. Please accept this sincere apology.

I am in a transitional phase of life right now going from the college-kid to the young adult. My hopes are to start some good habits early and get a blog entry out, at the very least, on a weekly basis. Other hopes center around starting my professional career very soon. I'm living proof that the job market is terrible and the companies that are hiring have more than their fair share of applicants to choose from.

On a lighter note, my diploma came in the mail, and I hope to post some photos with a graduation theme very soon!

Friday, April 2, 2010

"I shore am busy..."

Yes I wrote that in Redneck. For those of you who don't know about the language of Redneck, here is a dictionary.

Yesterday was a good day! If I kept a journal, it would say:

Friday, April 2, 2010: Lunch meeting with Founder and President of Crepe Masters. There is a very high likelihood that I will begin my professional career with the team at Crepe Masters.

Now, what else have I been up to? As I reach the end of my collegiate career at Georgia State University, I decided to upload the last couple weeks of my last semester as a full time student. These photos will be forever documented upon the ironclad servers of facebook. So be it.

I've always wanted to legitimately end a paragraph like that by saying, "So be it." It makes me feel like a King during the Renaissance. I doth know how Kings from the Renaissance spake, because I used to workith at the Renaissance Festival. Don't judge me.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

February 9th Seriously?

Has it really been that long since my last blog entry? Daggum, time sure does fly. Speaking of time flying, that phrase reminds me of a joke:

Time flies like an arrow, but Fruit flies like a banana.

Needless to say I have been seriously slacking. BUT - not going to get your hopes up for this week. I'll go ahead and tell you that I will NOT be blogging this week. I know what you're thinking, 'Mike, you haven't been blogging, so what else is new?'

Well I'll tell you. This week is Spring Break! I received my federal tax refund.

SIDE NOTE: I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the federal government paid me. I am still waiting on my refund from the State of Georgia. It makes sense though, because the state of Georgia is broke thanks to increased unemployment and is constitutionally mandated to operate on a balanced budget, while the federal government just prints money it doesn't have.

I will be in Montego Bay, Jamaica taking some time to relax and enjoy the last Spring Break of my collegiate career. I may not be able to enjoy a vacation for a while once I graduate and enter the REAL-WORLD. Plus I need to take advantage of being an airline brat as much as possible because I won't be able to fly for free once I turn 23.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Australian Bag Outfitters' Laptop Bag - I want one...NOT!

I was in the discount store the other day. I can't remember if it was Ross or TJ Maxx (because I went to both), but I was perusing the useless-junk-I-don't-need section and I came across this:

Ladies and gentlemen the Australian Bag Outfitters (They outfit bags?) present to you the Laptop Bag! (Creative name mate! Give your marketing guy a raise!)
Obviously these ABO folks have never been to Australia, because if they had they would know that an "abbo" (according to is:

A very disrespectful slang term for an indigenous Australian. Not ever used in polite conversation. "I went to the mall and got humbugged by some drunken abbo."

Seriously? I mean I know your company is ABO Gear and I'm no linguist, but I'm pretty sure ABBO and ABO are pronounced the same way. I also enjoy the fact that this Australian bag is "Hand-crafted in India." I guess there is a reason it was in the discount store.

Flu on the Toilet

(To the Tune of Pants on the Ground)
Flu on the Toilet,
Flu on the Toilet,
Gonna get sick with Flu on the Toilet

You didn't know that the flu was spread by toilet seats did you? Neither did I. But apparently you don't need to worry about the flu hanging out on your toilet if you use this cleaner:
It seems when President Obama gave us such good advice like "wash your hands frequently" and "Cover your sneezes with your sleeve, not your hands," he forgot to warn us about toilet seats.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting Back on Track - I Hope.

To all of my Spanish readers, "Mucho apologiezo por being tardio on blog entrada-tinos." For those who are not fluent in Spanish I'll translate: I'm really sorry for being late on these blog entries.

Last week was very busy because it was GSU's homecoming week. In fact, it was GSU's last Spring Homecoming. Homecoming festivities for GSU will now be in the Fall and centered around football.

Speaking of GSU and things related to football, Georgia State's mascot Pounce has gotten a makeover, and if you would like to read about the new Pounce you can by clicking here.

I have been taking a few photos over the last couple days for the blog, but haven't had time to write anything. I hope to get caught up ASAP! Please standby... Thanky!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Congratulations to Chase Peacock - the Grammy Performer!

Chase Peacock. I went to high school with him, his mom cut my hair one time (yeah at one point I did have enough hair to cut), I shared the stage with this guy in Godspell, I even ran a spotlight that spotlit him in Pippin... I'm kind of a big deal! Actually in all seriousness, Chase is the one that is becoming the big deal.

He has been singing as long as I can remember, but had you told me in 2004 that Chase was going to be performing at the Grammy's I would have laughed at you. The first time I saw him act was when he played the boat driver in ECHOStage's performance of Ten Little Indians. Chase had about 3 lines, and was not very good.

Needless to say, he has come a long way, because last night he performed at the Grammy's. Chase has landed a gig in Green Day's Broadway musical American Idiot:
Congratulations Chase; there are a buncha rednecks in Georgia who are very proud of you!